1. 9 months ago

    Hello all

  2. Jamiiee_

    19 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Hello :D

  3. 8 months ago

    the server isnt working for me and jemzy is there some form of issue

  4. same is it offline

  5. I believe Jamie is currently working on a few problems with the server, check discord for his full words

  6. i would if i had discord but now that i know problems are being fixed thanks

  7. does anyone know when the big update is going to happen

  8. The aquatic update?

  9. 7 months ago

    The dolphins have just been added to the Bedrock addition snapshot. This means that a new snapshot for Java is not far off. We will see many more snapshots before an update is ready for release. The Mojang team still has much work to do.

  10. k thanks


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