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  1. 9 months ago
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    The Owner team has been discussing possible updates to the Store for a while.

    We are to this day still not sure what small EULA compliant 'perks' would be suitable to purchase as part of a Contributor title or/and separately. In the past, we proposed an idea of custom maps with images of the contributors choice but we didn't get any kind of opinion from the community.

    This thread is your quick and easy opportunity to express suggestions on the matter that is the YourWorldMC Store. The suggestions regarding the store will be managed by @MattValentinee and passed on to @Jamie who will push suggestions that interest @MattValentinee, after discussion, to the live store.

    Happy Adventuring,
    The YourWorldMC Staff Team

  2. Jamiiee_

    28 Feb 2018 Administrator

    I'm a Member of the Owner team but oh well...

    I suggest that as part of server-bills, the Contribution rank and as separate you can get access to the commands .cwolf and .ccat. These are short for ContributorWolf and ContributorCat. When you Contribute, depending on which package you choose from, you will have a counter increased. The counter will subtract one every time you summon a dog or a cat.


  3. MrZibzn

    3 Mar 2018 Administrator

    Most players don't have an End portal next to their base so they use the Savannah route which still takes a while to go through. So I'm thinking about a ContributorEnd command, which takes you to the End portal immediately. Short version would be .cend maybe?


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