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    YourWorldMC Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this vanilla?
    Yes, we run the jar directly from the Minecraft website . What the server does have is accomplished with Minecraft commands. A private panel optimized for vanilla called mynepanel is used by the server, this runs similar to other panels and does not interfere with the jar. We do not use jar files from Spigot, Craftbukkit, Forge, etc.

    What does a green name mean?
    On the server, a green name means that the player has played at least 15 hours. Having a green name does not provide any advantages on the server.

    What do the dark aqua and blue names mean?
    These are the two colours that can be chosen by Contributors. You can get a choice of one of these colours by Contributing and by running the command /trigger donatorcolor set 1 you can change your name color.

    Where can I vote?
    You can vote for the server here and here !

    What do I get for voting?
    We offer basic rewards for voting, as to not perk up voters in comparison to non-voters. Our current reward package, which is per vote, is a few pieces of bread and shiny iron, and also some exp.

    What does voting actually do?
    Voting allows us to go up in the ranks on the voting sites, which increases our player count day by day.

    Why do you find griefing, stealing and raiding so bad?
    Griefing, Raiding and Stealing all involve ruining the gameplay for another player. Although not the only reason for these to be disallowed; players don't always have the time to continually repair builds and restock on supplies.

    Why is Contributing financially to the server so important?
    YourWorldMC relies on its community's financial Contributions to run. @Jamie attempts to put as much money as he can spare into the server too, however. You can Contribute here , it's greatly appreciated.


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