1. 9 months ago

    So I just got back to my base, and all of my shulker boxes, all of the valuable items from my chests, my anvil, and my echest are gone. All I know about it is the fact that at first there were items on the ground in a pile, which means that I had been raided. please help

  2. _RougeRaven_

    5 Mar 2018 Administrator

    Hi, thank you for reporting this!

    I'll get working on the case asap ;)

    ~Shy, your lovely Co-Owner.

  3. _RougeRaven_

    5 Mar 2018 Administrator

    Hi, the player responsible for this has been dealt with accordingly.

    I (Or another staff member) would hopefully get in contact with you to replace your items.

    ~Shy, your lovely Co-Owner.

  4. Hi, I just saw this post now, thanks for dealing with the person who did it. I don't know how to contact you since you aren't online when I am, what should we do?

  5. Jamiiee_

    10 Mar 2018 Administrator
    Edited 9 months ago by Jamiiee_

    @milomaster123456, Please send @_RougeRaven_ a Private Message on the forums.


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