CharisSophia ban appeal

  1. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by CharisSophia

    What is your IN-GAME-NAME?: CharisSophia

    Why were you banned?: I destroyed a trapped chest in my home. It did have a sign on it saying not to steal, but it was poorly written and I didn't want this chest in my house. (Charis Cottage in Plainsborough)

    Why should we let you back into the community?: Maybe you shouldn't. I'm a suspicious sort.

    Editing because I can't figure out how to reply to my own post.

    Thank you for the pardon and unjailing. However my inventory has been cleared. Is there any way to restore that? Please warn me before you do it because I have other things in my inventory now. Thanks!

  2. Jamiiee_

    20 Mar 2018 Administrator
    Edited 8 months ago by Jamiiee_

    Hello Charis,

    I meant to let you know about this chest. It is hooked up to our stealing system meaning that if you take anything out it will automatically clear, jail and ban you.

    I will message you on discord to get your inventory rolled back.

    On the note of not being able to reply, nobody can reply to ban appeal posts. It prevents unauthorized people from commenting on your ban.


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