Ban appeal

  1. 5 months ago
    Edited 5 months ago by Jamiiee_

    What is your IN-GAME-NAME?:NielswHansen

    Why were you banned?: I was xraying and got caught i turned in all minerals i took.

    Why should we let you back into the community?: i was bored and was just wasting time it was stupid and i apologize for it and would like to be allowed to play on the server again.

  2. Fodhia

    Mar 26 Administrator

    I am out of town on business today but ill discuss it with the owners tomorrow (wed) and get back to you on this. We appreciate your honesty on the matter and will take that into account as well.


  3. Jamiiee_

    Apr 2 Administrator

    @Fodhia seems to have forgotten about this appeal. On behalf of Fodhia, I am going to pardon you as I believe you have had enough time to think about what you have done and how you can correct it upon your return.

    Welcome Back.


  4. Fodhia

    Apr 2 Administrator

    yeah so work sucks and I completely spaced on this... Sorry Niel but glad to unban ya! come back and give me crap please :) I deserve it.


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