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    11 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Hello, everyone.

    Welcome to the new forums - which I have been endlessly changing a developing the last week or so.

    If you would like an explanation for this click the spoiler below.

    Spoiler: (Click to see)...
    Codoforum was causing mass problems and needed constant fixing, which I didn't like. This software is less bulky and instead of having mass features that we are not going to use I am able to add the features that we are going to use quicker and faster.

    if not...

    Some of the notable features of this forum are:

    • Easy to use Attachments
    • Easy to use image placer
    • Easy to use BBCode buttons
    • Accurate views counter
    • Support button at the bottom

    I can promise you that there is much more to this forum but it would take almost an entire page to even briefly outline all the features that this forum gives that are much better then codoforums.

    To a new forum...!

    Jamie x

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    11 Feb 2018
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