Slight Issue -RESOLVED

  1. 8 months ago


    28 Mar 2018 Administrator
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    EDIT: This issue has been resolved, a reset was not needed.


    You may have noticed that the server has been down for nearing 24 hours now. There is no way to describe this then an unfortunate and unexplainable incident. We performed a reboot on the dedicated server but upon restarting the server inventories would not load and the world is not the world it should be. I have attempted many ways of fixing this but couldn't find anything that worked, and decided to give it time.

    I started the server again earlier to test it and it has not changed.

    Unfortunately, this means that we are looking at resetting the world. The world has been broken beyond repair, under unknown circumstances. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused, I know a lot of people will be losing a lot of amazing builds.

    We will reset in the next few days with a lower world border and simply raise the border significantly at 1.13.

    Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Kind Regards,
    YourWorldMC Admin Team

  2. it is fine stuff happens maybe we can do something as a server to commemorate the old


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