Jeremy P. Shaw's Helper Application

  1. 8 months ago

    Q1. What is your in-game name?: jeremypshaw

    Q2. How long have you played for (ESC > Statistics)?:
    A. 1.66d. I’ve been playing on pretty regularly, on a nearly daily basis since February of 2018.

    Q3. Why did you decide to make this application today?:
    A. I feel that I have a lot to contribute to the server and I want to serve. I have a lot (years) of experience being both a mod and an op / admin on a number of servers.

    Q4. What are your strengths?:
    A. I have discipline, control, a strong sense of duty, morality, and ethics with a good, strong moral compass to guide me and back up my decisions. I strictly forbid myself from becoming corrupt and/or abusing any power and/or authority that is entrusted to me. A strong sense of fairness and equality. I’m a natural-born leader who knows how to get things done. However, I think that it would be more appropriate for the owner(s), op(s) / admin(s) to judge for themselves.

    Q5. What are your weaknesses?:
    A. Like every human being, I’m not “perfect”. I make mistakes, like everyone else. As far as qualifications for staff positions, every owner (op / admin / mod etc.) and server is different and different expectations are desired and/or even required for each one. Do I have any weaknesses that should disqualify me for positions on ? The answer is “No”. Again, I think that it would be more appropriate for the owner(s), op(s) / admin(s) to judge for themselves. It’s all about what they want and need. What they need, want, and expect from their staff are what is more important. I’m here to help them, the other players, and the server. I’m here to make the server more enjoyable for everyone and to help make it run more smoothly and efficiently. In a sense, I’m here to serve.

    Q6. Are you able to work well as a team and independently?:
    A. Yes. Absolutely yes to both. Unequivocally “yes”. I am able to work independently and/or with others. I just enjoy helping out.

    Q7. Rate yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how prepared do you feel to take this position?:
    A. 10 (more like 11 or 12).

    Additional Qualifications: I have been playing Minecraft since it was in Beta 1.7 since 2010. I have years of experience being a staff member and being a member of high-ranking positions. I have been a mod on 5 servers and an op on 3 servers. I have memorized a number of the commands. I never abused or misused any of my power(s) and/or authority. I have always done my best to serve in a manner that positively reflected the owner(s) and their desires and requirements. I have also always done my best to help the other players in every authorized way that I could. I did my best to be a polite, courteous, and professional mod and/or op / admin.

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