Hedgehog106's Helper Application

  1. 7 months ago

    Q1. What is your in-game name?: Hedgehog106

    Q2. How long have you played for (ESC > Statistics)?:
    A. 1.97 d. I've only recently stumbled upon this server. I've been playing Minecraft since 2010.

    Q3. Why did you decide to make this application today?:
    A. 2 years ago, I was a Mod on a Dutch server called MineVival. Being a Moderator on that server was a lot of fun. Due to college and other responsibilities, I had to give up my position as staff there. Now I've got a lot more free time and it would be a blast to be staff again on a server. When I saw YourWorld was looking for Helpers, I immediatly decided to apply.

    Q4. What are your strengths?:
    A. I'm a very social person. I'm good with people and whenever there's a confict I always do my best to resolve it peacefully. I am a quick learner and I love learning new things.

    Q5. What are your weaknesses?:
    A. I think a weakness of mine is that English is not my first language. I'm from Holland so I speak Dutch. I consider my English quite good but sometimes I find it hard to express myself, if that makes sense.

    Q6. Are you able to work well as a team and independently?:
    A. Yes to both. I am able to work independently and with others. I'm a true teamplayer but working on my own is no problem for me.

    Q7. Rate yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how prepared do you feel to take this position?:
    A. Strong 10/10!

    Additional Qualifications: I have been playing Minecraft for almost everyday since 2010. I have experience being a staff member of one of Holland's largest servers. On 'good' days we had around 200 people playing on our server. I'm also really into Graphic Design. I have experience with creating Minecraft styled artwork for websites and YouTube channels. If I get accepted as Helper and you need new artwork to your server, I could make a few designs.


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