The Wombat's helper aplication

  1. 7 months ago

    4.1 days or about three months. I know I am new but I care. I built a giant iron farm in about a week for everyone because I hate watching others struggle for a basic resource and have been giving it out for free because I think its fair.
    I really like this server and have enjoyed the community in it. While I have been playing I have helped others when stuff has gone wrong and would like to be able to have some authority backing that so I'm not just that random guy who helped someone uninvited. Summer break is coming up and I would love to do more especially with the server reset.
    I am good at direction following and doing what I think is right
    I have an ego and I feel arrogance like the rest of the world. I cant build to save my own life, but I try. I have a cynical view of humanity and am blatantly honest even when I know its unpopular.
    Yes, I almost always work independently and clash with teammates. However, that is because I generally feel that the people I am working with are incompetent. When I have worked with your staff so far I have felt that they are smart and capable people far superior to myself, therefore I feel that I could work well with people who I respect and who respect me.
    I would rate myself a five because I don't know everything that I need to for this position. I have played the game since 24 September, 2013. I know that five is low but you have to consider that a ten would already be working as an admin. Thank you for your time and I hope to be able to help.

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